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The Rock Block Protects You and Your Tractor From Harm

Protective kits by farmers, for farmers.

Complete Peace of Mind Inside Your Tractor Cab

How It Works
About & FAQs
The Rock Block on a tractor

Say So Long to Broken Cab Windows

We’ve all experienced it. Riding through the fields, enjoying the views of nature and the peace of the land, when all of a sudden, the moment is disrupted by the earth-shattering crack of a rock hitting your cab’s window. At The Rock Block, we’ve designed an aftermarket easy-to-install protective kit for rotary and disc style mowers, hay cutters, and conditioners to shield your tractor from rocks and other flying debris hidden in the field.

  • Made by Farmers: Our product is made by fifth-generation farmers who set out to find a solution to the dangers of mowing.
  • Choose Your Size: The Rock Block is available in different sizes to fit various mower blades while leaving easy access to blade parts.
  • Fits Many Brands: Kits are available for John Deere, CNH, MacDon, Agco, and Vermeer.
The Rock Block Family

Why Choose the Rock Block?

Simply called the Rock Block, our tractor accessory is designed to protect farmers in their cabs from flying rocks and other debris that can break windows, dent tractors, and cause bodily injury. Attachment is easy. It fits right on the front of the mower or hay cutter using factory holes as a template. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced downtime from replacing cracked or broken windows
  • The rubber shield extends beyond the machine for maximum protection
  • Easy, swing-away feature allows for quick access to the machine
  • Kits available for many popular brands of mower
  • U.S. design patented product
  • Built by farmers to help farmers
  • The one-time cost is cheaper than replacing a window
  • One-year warranty on parts and defects


Added Peace of Mind for Farmers

At The Rock Block, we’re all about providing a product that will reduce stress for farmers and add safety to your job while minimizing downtime and costs for repairs. The Rock Block fits easily onto many high-quality mowers and still provides easy access to the blades for necessary maintenance and repairs. Contact us to find the right Rock Block for your mower today.