We had a problem with rocks breaking our cab windows. So we created The Rock Block.

The Rock Block

prevents or reduces damage & injury allowing you to stay in the field longer.


Often costs the same or less than replacing a new window
Prevent injury
Avoid waiting for expensive replacement parts & service

Keep your equipment in the field & not in the shop

Common Issues:

Damaged equipment

A rock flies into the back of your tractor and smashes your window out.

Personal injury

A rock or some other debris hits you and causes you bodily harm.

You can't get into the field

Your tractor is in the shop or you are waiting for back ordered parts- making you lose valuable time in the field.

Make hay while the sun shines...

Stay in the field longer

Reduce downtime and save money rather than waiting on parts and service for a new window.

Protect yourself

Avoid and minimize injury.

Protect your equipment

Do away with damaged equipment and costly repairs.

Made in the USA by a farmer, for farmers.

I'm John Horter, a farmer who created the Rock Block to protect myself and to stop rocks from damaging my equipment. And now I'm sharing my invention with others who might benefit.

Protect yourself and your tractor.

Make hay while the sun shines in 3 easy steps.

1 - Find Your Kit

Find the kit for your brand and model by tapping Get My Kit.

2 - Order Your Kit

Once your order is confirmed, we will package and ship it by UPS or Speedee Delivery. Most customers receive their Rock Block Kit in two to five days.

3 - Install Your Kit

Once your kit arrives, use the directions included in your box and/or visit your brand & model page here.

What do other farmers and ranchers say...

Who are we?

Team Rock Block consists of John and his family. Learn more about their generational farming operation and how the Rock Block came to be by tapping below.