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How the Rock Block Was Created

I bought my first disc-style cutter about 10 years ago and was very hesitant because I had heard horror stories about people breaking windows on their tractors. There were other very crude styles of devices, but nothing that I wanted to mess with. I have always liked to build things so I started doing different designs by hanging rubber flaps from a framework. Through many different designs and materials, we have found something that works very well and is easy to install, and keeps serviceability in mind. On our larger kits, the curtain hinges in the middle and swings out easily from the ends so the operator is able to service the machine easily. Our kits are often cheaper or about the same price as replacing a window. With that said downtime and operator safety is also very important to us. We want to eliminate downtime and keep operators safe. In 2013 I purchased my first disc-style mower. At the time I had my 3-year-old son, Dane, riding with me in the tractor. We didn’t have any sort of rock block on the new mower at the time. I hadn’t used the new mower for an hour then “BOOOOMMM” the side window exploded. Dane was in shock and said, “Holy COW dad, what happened??” It’s funny now but was quite scary at the time. The side window on my tractor cost me $1300 and about 2 days of downtime to get the new window. We could have also been injured from the rock that was thrown. The next day we started designing kits for mowers and is now one of the most popular kits we sell. We are a young company and every year our sales increase exponentially.  Word of mouth has been our best salesperson.  Having a quality product is important to us and we take the feedback of our customers very seriously and are striving to constantly make a better product. Our customers have been very happy with how simple and easy the product is to use and install. The kits do not hinder visibility and look like they are factory-made.

Durable Options for Keeping You Safe

We carry kits for about 12 of the most common style machines and are adding more to the list all the time. We also have a universal kit that is available to fit most 9’ mowers. Our kits are built well and have been tested by myself on my farm for over 10 years. The kits are all made in the USA. All parts are powder coated and will stand the test of time. The rubber curtain we use is specially formulated to be durable, yet flexible. We offer a 1-year warranty on parts defects of the kit itself. Most kits take less than 90 minutes to install and use mostly factory holes for install. All the hardware and instructions are included in the kit. We are able to ship anywhere and take payments over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Rock Block work?

Rock Block kits are unique to different models of machines. Our kits bolt onto your machine easily, using existing holes when applicable. Our curtains are specially designed to be durable yet flexible to give you optimal cutting and long life. The kits do not hinder your view and still allow you to access your cutter bar. Most kits take less than an hour to install on your machine.

Does the Rock Block affect how my machine will cut after it’s installed?

We farm as well and have done extensive testing of our product. Our curtain is specially designed to be flexible and very durable. In our testing, we have found that cutting quality is not affected as long as you have the kit installed properly and the correct amount of drag is achieved. We recommend the curtain to be just barely dragging on the ground. For very tall crops, we suggest setting down your skid shoes and tipping your machine back to give you a larger opening.

Why is your curtain better than the factory one?

Our specially designed material is just under 1/4” thick and is much more substantial. Being out and ahead of the existing curtain allows the crop time to stand back up and not affect the cutting quality. Some of our customers were breaking multiple windows a year and now they aren’t!


Will your kit fit my machine?

We carry kits for about 16 of the most common-style machines and are adding more to the list all the time. We also have a universal kit that is available to fit most 9’ mowers. If your machine is not available, please contact us as we are often able to adapt our existing to most machines. As interest grows in new models we add them to our product line.

Why should I purchase a Rock Block?

Even if you don’t have rocks or have never broken a window or been hit by debris, odds are sometimes you will! Your safety is our concern, and our kits are often times less expensive than windows and definitely reduces your risk of injury! Be proactive and not reactive. I can’t count how many times I’ve taken the phone call “I was meaning to buy one of your kits, but I didn’t before I broke a window!” Quality and customer service are of utmost importance to us!

Complete Peace of Mind Inside Your Tractor Cab