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The survival of the Ag economy is in crisis.  According to Farm Aid, America’s farmers and ranchers have experienced a nearly 50 percent drop in net farm income since 2013. This is the largest four-year drop since the start of the Great Depression. And unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) expects net farm income to fall by another 8.7% this year.

The depressed Ag economy can be contributed to two factors: the implementation of policies designed to enrich corporations at the expense of farmers and ranchers and the COVID-19 pandemic. While the USDA provides numerous resources for farmers facing hardship, there are cost-effective ways to preserve your farm and your bottom line while keeping your safety in mind. 

One of these ways is to invest in your farm equipment by protecting it. As fellow farmers, our Rock Block team understands the importance of safety as well as how crucial it is to complete work in a timely and accurate manner. Investing in a Rock Block kit will save you money over the long term while giving you the peace of mind that the job will be done safely. 

What is The Rock Block? The Rock Block is an aftermarket attachment that affixes to the front of disc-style mowers and conditioners, reducing rocks and other debris from being thrown forward at the tractor and operator of that equipment. 

Flying debris can cause costly repairs, especially if you’re operating a disc mower.  According to Farm Show Magazine, disc mowers have a higher tendency to throw rocks and debris, and thus a higher chance of damage. Even a rock the size of a pea can cause significant damage resulting in necessary repairs. The cost to repair and replace most tractor windows and side doors can cost up to $1,000 including labor. While ordinary plexiglass can be used, it breaks and scratches easily and will become yellowed with age, which can limit visibility. The Rock Block kit provides high-impact resistance against debris without hindering your visibility or access to your cutter bar, all with keeping the safety of you and your equipment in mind. When you consider a new tractor that can cost upwards of $200,000, The Rock Block is a cost-effective solution as it minimizes equipment breakdown and damage costs.  

Running a farm can be costly. Your equipment is a precious investment and essential to keep your farm profitable. Protect your and your tractor with The Rock Block. The Rock Block, as the name suggests, is designed to block rocks and other debris from hitting your tractor while maintaining your farm – preventing you and your equipment from being injured or damaged by thrown objects. For ordering information, call 605-492-3641 or visit our website.

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