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How much do you know about the life of a farmer? While you may know everything there is to know about Old Macdonald and his famous cows and chickens, the complex challenges that a farmer faces on a daily basis cannot be adequately described. From the excruciatingly long hours to the backbreaking work they constantly do, there are fewer jobs out there today as difficult (and maybe as underappreciated) as the farmer. Unfortunately, there are also fewer jobs out there that present constant safety concerns not only to the farmers but to their families.

Time Magazine frequently rates farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers as one of the 10 most dangerous jobs today, and for good reason. They are often exposed to numerous safety, environmental, health, biological, and respiratory hazards, including vehicle rollovers, heat exposure, falls, and bodily injury. And that’s not to mention the dangerous equipment they use on a regular basis. Farmworkers routinely use knives, hoes, and other cutting tools; work on ladders, or use machinery in their shops. However, these simple tools can be hazardous and have the potential for causing severe injuries when used or maintained improperly.

Yes, the life of a farmer is a dangerous one, to say the least. And any farmer or agricultural worker will tell you that time in this industry is money; time taken to repair broken equipment or to recover from serious injury means time sacrificed where it matters. Luckily, there are companies out there, like us that can provide solutions to the hazardous conditions farmers across America frequently face.

We at The Rock Block have had the pleasure of working with a number of farmers in order to keep them as safe as possible on the job. We are proud to offer our famous Rock Block product to protect them from the daily hazards of their job. Safety is our top priority. The Rock Block is an aftermarket attachment that goes on the front of disc-style mowers and conditioners. This helps reduce rocks and debris from being thrown forward at the tractor and operator of the equipment. On average kits cost less than a new window or injury.

Farmers are a crucial component of how our country operates and thrives. They work tirelessly on a number of tasks we can never fully understand or be adequately thankful for. These are the people that we need to look out for and protect however we can.

Contact your friends and experts at The Rock Block for more information on how we protect our exceptional farmers. We understand the safety needs of farmers because we are farmers. Visit us at 225 Main Street South in the heart of Bristol or call us today at 605-492-3641.

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