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They say a farmer’s job is never really done, and even as the season winds down, they still need to keep in mind the maintenance of the machines they use. Ignoring the upkeep of each and every tool they use could be costly, and result in a poor farming season. Below you’ll find some tips to keep in mind when bringing out all hay equipment before the season starts.

As the Season Ends
Start thinking about the next season as soon as the current one ends. This means paying special attention to the maintenance of each machine you use, and what you can do to keep it running smoothly the next time you use it. Create a checklist of different parts of the machine you should look over before you put it away for the season, and replace or clean any spots you find an issue with. This will ensure when you go to use it at the beginning of the season, you won’t be set back by poor working machinery.

Before the Season Begins
Checking your machines before the season even begins is a smart idea, as you’ll be able to spot any problems early and have enough time to have them repaired. Create a pre-season maintenance checklist that you can have on hand to go through, that will include anything from repairing parts to checking each part of the machine. Here are a few items to check and add to your list:

  • Disk blades
  • Safety parts
  • Conditioning rollers
  • Grease bearings and other moving parts

This list can apply to any number of machines and can change depending on the type of equipment you use.

During the Season
If you find that during the season parts have worn out and needed replacement, or that your machine just needs a maintenance check-up, the equipment manual will become your friend. You can find information about regular maintenance intervals, replacement part specifications, and adjustment procedures that will help your machine perform at an optimal level.

Not only should you pay attention to the maintenance aspect of your machine, but also the safety features, such as protecting your cab. This is where the Rock Block comes in. The Rock Block is an aftermarket kit that helps protect you and your cab from flying rocks while you’re putting in your day’s work. This special attachment can help reduce damage and downtime, among many other benefits of having additional protection.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of the Rock Block, visit our website to watch demonstration videos and read customer testimonials.

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