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If you’re a working farmer or lived on a farm in your life, then you definitely know what picking rocks means. Removing rocks large and small from your field is essential to protect your farm equipment and workers from any potential damage that rocks may damage during the plowing process. Handpicking those rocks is a time consuming and tedious task, and unfortunately, plowing can bring up even more rocks to the surface that you didn’t find, which can still cause damage. 

Where are those rocks coming from, and why do you have rocks in your field anyway?

No matter how many times a field has been plowed or worked, natural erosion processes bring about new rocks of all sizes in different areas of a field. Picking rocks by hand allows you to get the bigger rocks at the surface of the field that could get caught in machinery while plowing the land. This could otherwise cause broken windows or bodily injury. 

Rock picking doesn’t always protect you from potential damage and harm, though. Tilling the land can still bring up small rocks, as small as a pea or a marble, which may actually cause the most damage! These rocks can come from a number of things, such as gopher holes and nearby roads, and can destroy your machine’s engine, or cause other flying parts to cause damage like broken knives or broken parts of the machine itself. So, if picking rocks isn’t a guaranteed way to protect yourself and your equipment, how are you supposed to limit the risk?

The Rock Block was made for this specific purpose in mind. A bolt-on piece that you can easily install to any of your equipment, The Rock Block is designed to limit rocks and other debris from hitting your machine or windows, with the rubber shield extending further than any other factory machine. Designed and created by a farmer for farmers, The Rock Block is patented and compatible to work with top farming brands such as John Deere, CNH, MacDon, and Vermeer. Don’t believe us? Just read some testimonials from some of our loyal clientele. For more information, visit our website to see our FAQs, or give us a call at (605) 492-3641. Our safety is your concern and we can’t wait to make your farming experience the best one yet!



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