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Our friendly and expert team at The Rock Block can sit here and tell you that our aftermarket bolt-on kits are affordable, easy to install, and can fit onto many applications of hay cutters, rotaries, and disc-style mowers. We can go on and on about our exceptional service, and how the personal contact information of the kit’s inventor, John Horter, is not only included within the instructions of every kit but also is prominently displayed on The Rock Block website. While all of these things are true, you may be saying to yourself, “Yeah, that all sounds nice, but you HAVE to say that. After all, it’s your product and your company! Why should I believe you?”

If you are skeptical about why The Rock Block is truly the solution for you, you don’t have to believe us. But you should take the word of those whose daily lives have been transformed by our revolutionary kits. In fact, over 500 kits have been purchased across the United States and Canada, and that number continues to grow. Here are a few things, according to some of our valued customers, that set Rock Block apart from the rest.

We Offer High Quality Products

Not only do our customers consistently praise our high-quality product offerings, but it’s always wonderful to hear that our products universally fit a variety of applications. The proof is in the pudding when you listen to the words of this satisfied client, who recently raved about her experience with The Rock Block.

“Great product! Easy to put on!! We used it on a Vermeer 9′ disk mower in ditches with gravel and etc. Not a single window is broken! Also, it gently lays the crop over to help the machine effectively cut better! Two thumbs up rating!”

We Offer Solutions that Save You Time and Money

A number of people we deal with on a daily basis talk about how they don’t run cabbed tractors, which increases this likelihood of flying debris. And with flying debris can come costly repairs; in fact, most tractor window and side doors today can cost you an average of over $800 to replace. Investing in a Rock Block kit will save you time and significant dollars in the long run according to this wonderful customer.

“When I broke the door out of my 7430, I built a metal screen for the back window. I was ready to try to build a huge bulky metal shield for the tongue of my MoCo. Fortunately, in 2014, I heard about Rock Block from a Haying equipment dealer and didn’t have to build a bulky metal shield.”

We Guarantee Peace of Mind

A number of members of the Rock Block team are farmers themselves; thus, we understand better than everyone else the importance of safety and how crucial it is to get work done in a quick and accurate manner. Our customers know that when they purchase one of our kits, they get the peace of mind to know that the job will be accomplished in a timely manner where safety is the priority. This recent customer of ours surely thinks so!  

“Farming and ranching is a family business at our place. The peace of mind with a Rock Block ensures safety for those of us in the tractor cab.”

Installation is Quick and Convenient

While time is always valuable no matter what industry you are in, this world of agriculture is all about deadlines and beating the clock. That’s why every kit installation is fast and simple; we at Rock Block understand that the quicker the bolt-on kit is on the equipment, the faster you can get perform your valuable work.

“Installation took 15 min with minimal tooling, very nice fit and finish. It was exactly what I wanted to see out of the product, no rocks, no nothing, it works perfectly.”

To learn more about how Rock Block can help you, please visit our website or give us a call today at (605) 492-3641.

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