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When it comes to preparing for winter, there are certain things that are common sense and are already part of your seasonal routine. You know that you have to switch out your summer swimsuits and shorts for warmer, cozier clothing. You understand that the patio furniture isn’t going to get much use in the next couple of months and that it needs to be properly stored for next spring and summer. But when it comes to getting ready for the frigid season to come, what you may not immediately consider is how you must properly store your tractor.

For countless people in our great country, there is no piece of equipment more crucial to survival than a tractor. So it goes without saying that keeping your tractor well maintained and cared for, even when the forecast is filled with blizzards and freezing temperatures, is the best way to keep your tractor properly running for years to come.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to tractor maintenance not only during the winter months but all year round.
Change Tractor Filters

Oil-bath air cleaners in older tractors should be serviced once per year. Following your owner’s manual instructions, open, empty and clean the oil bowl at the bottom of the filter and refill. Clean and replace any pre-filters at the same time.
Take a Look at the Tractor Oil

It is so important to evaluate the oil for water or other contaminants, such as diesel fuel. Carefully pour off oil from the collection pan, and look for signs of metal filings that can indicate other problems, such as excessive wear of moving engine parts and potential failure. If the oil or hydraulic filters are in canisters, pull them out and shine a light into the canister to detect metal fragments.

Don’t Forget the Battery

Tractor-battery maintenance should be carried out at least once or twice per year, even if no problems have been noted. Inspect and clean terminals and measure voltage levels. If fluid levels are low, refill with distilled water and recharge. If the charge level remains low, replace the battery.

Preparing for the winter season means putting away the pool equipment, storing the fishing boat, and getting your ice skates and snowshoes out of your basement or attic. But to tractor enthusiasts, ensuring that your tractor is properly stored and cared for from December through April is just as crucial of an item on your to-do list. Whether your tractor is shiny and new or if it’s something that you’ve owned for as long as you can remember, taking the time to practice these routine checks and precautions is guaranteed to keep it running better for longer.

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