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A Simple Solution for Tractor Safety

Are you tired of breaking windows while cutting hay?  The Rock Block is a straightforward concept; provide a safety device that’s easy to install and lasts a long time, protecting farmers and their equipment from flying rocks and debris while cutting hay. As fifth-generation farmers, our family researched available protective products after a close call with a shattered cab window, but nothing provided the peace of mind or ease of use we were looking for. We decided to try our hand at producing our own. Now, we’re proud to offer farmers all over the U.S. and Canada an easy-to-install product backed by a one-year warranty that will limit downtime due to replacing glass and save you money from constant repairs.

The Rock Block on a tractor

Take a Proactive Step to Protect Yourself

You don’t want to wait until after you’ve had a broken window or an injury to realize The Rock Block is one of those safety features you need. Farmers can cover acres and acres, mowing carefree without ever having a rock or other flying object hit their tractor cab. However, chances are that won’t last forever. For less than the price of replacing a broken window, you can add peace of mind to every mowing session with the Rock Block installed on the front side of your mower. The Benefits of this product include:

  • Your view and cutting ability won’t be hindered
  • It protects you and your windows
  • It Costs less than replacing tractor glass
  • Installation takes an hour or less
  • It comes with a one-year warranty on parts and defects
  • The Rock Block reduces downtime for repairs

How the Rock Block Improves the Farming Experience

First and foremost, your safety on the job is critical. Missing work and falling behind due to an injury can mean lost revenue. Second, protecting your investments, such as your tractor and mowing equipment, is crucial to your bottom line. The Rock Block was designed to take care of both your safety and equipment. Our kits install directly to the framework on the front of rotary and disc-style mowers. As you drive your tractor through the fields to cut, any potential rocks or other solid or rigid projectiles that could be discharged towards your tractor’s cab are deflected and contained within the cutting area.

Invest in Tractor Safety Today

At The Rock Block, we make safety feature products that are heavy duty and stand up well to the rigors of farm work. You’ll get multiple seasons of cutting out your Rock Block, which will save you a lot of money from replacing windows or, worse, dealing with an injury. With more than a dozen styles available and a simple installation process, you’ll wonder why you’ve worked to this point without the Rock Block. Contact us to learn more today.

Complete Peace of Mind Inside Your Tractor Cab