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The Rock Block Installs Easily on Your Mower

Rock Block kits are American-made products that install easily on the most popular brands of mowers and Discbines, including John Deere, CNH, MacDon, Agco, and Vermeer. Our product is specially designed to provide a more substantial curtain than those produced by mower manufacturers. Our curtain is just under ¼” thick and stays ahead of the mower allowing the crop to stand tall for a clean-cut by the blades.

The Rock Block on a tractor

Always There When You Need It

The great thing about the Rock Block is that it’s always there when you need it. It attaches directly to the front of the mower, so even if you need to change tractors, your Rock Block is already in place and ready to go. We are fifth-generation farmers, and our goal was to develop a product that would minimize the risk of injury and tractor damage yet was easy to install and durable. We’re proud to say that we’ve achieved that and continue to make enhancements to the Rock Block each year. We stand behind our product with a one-year warranty on parts and any defects, so contact us to find the right kit for your machine.

Installation in Less Than One Hour

Installation times will vary depending on your machine. However, with the proper tools and familiarity with your mower, installing the Rock Block should not take more than one hour. The size of the kit you purchase, as well as the brand of mower you own, may require some alternate steps, but the general principle of each Rock Block kit is the same:

Installation Instructions


Complete Peace of Mind Inside Your Tractor Cab