Who We Are

John and his son and daughter tell the story of the Rock Block.

How and why the Rock Block Was Created

I bought my first disc-style cutter about 10 years ago and was very hesitant because I had heard horror stories about people breaking windows on their tractors. There were other very crude styles of devices, but nothing that I wanted to mess with. I have always liked to build things so I started doing different designs by hanging rubber flaps from a framework. Through many different designs and materials, we have found something that works very well and is easy to install, and keeps serviceability in mind. On our larger kits, the curtain hinges in the middle and swings out easily from the ends so the operator is able to service the machine easily. Our kits are often cheaper or about the same price as replacing a window. With that said downtime and operator safety is also very important to us. We want to eliminate downtime and keep operators safe. In 2013 I purchased my first disc-style mower. At the time I had my 3-year-old son, Dane, riding with me in the tractor. We didn’t have any sort of rock block on the new mower at the time. I hadn’t used the new mower for an hour then “BOOOOMMM” the side window exploded. Dane was in shock and said, “Holy COW dad, what happened??” It’s funny now but was quite scary at the time.

The side window on my tractor cost me $1300 and about 2 days of downtime to get the new window. We could have also been injured from the rock that was thrown. The next day we started designing kits for mowers and is now one of the most popular kits we sell. We are a young company and every year our sales increase exponentially. Word of mouth has been our best salesperson. Having a quality product is important to us and we take the feedback of our customers very seriously and are striving to constantly make a better product. Our customers have been very happy with how simple and easy the product is to use and install. The kits do not hinder visibility and look like they are factory-made.

The Team